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Inga Banquette - Hickory Chair

Here at Rabbit Creek we aim to please by offering you, our valued customers, not just the best service but access to the best brands in the industry.  Over a recent lunch meeting the team was discussing how the brands we represent also aim to please by offering product that can meet the needs of a very specific project. 

Let me elaborate.  Suppose you have a particular room that can accommodate a sofa that is 74 inches wide without an inch to spare.  Because that dimension is outside of the standard dimensions typically offered by most manufacturers, you’d most likely have to reimagine your design plan to put two chairs in place of the sofa.  With the brands we represent, you can have exactly what you want!  In the industry, making a piece of furniture to a specific dimension is called “by-the-inch.”  Our manufacturing partners have their own trademarked names such as Made To Measure from Hickory Chair, Profiles by Highland House, Your Way by Hancock & Moore, and Bespoke by Baker Furniture.

Highland House Hudson Dining Table Stanmore Chest Comer Penelope Chair Reed Large Chandelier Visual Comfort Thomas Obrien

The great news is that it not only applies to upholstery but casegoods too!  Need a dining table that is 43 inches square?  We can do that!  Need an end table that is 22Wx27D? No problem! 

But wait, there’s more!  If you see a piece of furniture from any of our manufacturers and need to make a few tweaks, let us ask if its possible.  Because it’s made right in our factories located in North Carolina, we can make custom changes to product because it’s built from scratch.  How cool is that?!

Have a project you’re working on that requires specific dimensions?  We’re here to help you.  Give us a call or visit the showroom where we can show you everything you can do to create the perfect project.

See you soon!

You’ve Just Graduated – Now What?

Regina Andrew home photo

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated….now what?!

You did it!  What a wonderful accomplishment!  Going to university is one of those experiences in your life that is meant to prepare you for all the other experiences in your life.  From this point forward the obstacles you may encounter along the way will be greatly impacted by your attitude. 

Graduation Hat

If “Adjusting Your Attitude” wasn’t one of the classes that was offered at your school, I’ll give you a quick crash course in how it works.  When I was little, I had a terrible time getting motivated to go to school each morning.  I would feign some illness or complain about how my big toe ached (true story, according to my brothers at least!) and Mom would say, “Mind over matter.  Just get up and get going and once you get there, you’ll have fun and feel better!” She was right!  I started to develop a knack for doing just that and the outcomes were usually positive.  Why does this matter?  Your attitude and how your approach the world each day is 100% in your control.  I have found that once you decide to think or feel a certain way, you usually do!  If you want something you must set your attitude and determine the best way to achieve the goal you’re after.  Why does this message matter right now?  You’ve just accomplished a very difficult task!  You’ve been in some form of education for the better part of 20 years. Now you must go out into the world and create a career.  The attitude you have will be integral to your success.  I will guarantee you that you will face rejection, disappointment, and confusion.  I will also guarantee you that you will experience joy, satisfaction and success! 

I am frequently asked about the secret of my success.  It’s not a secret and I can tell you unequivocally that having a positive attitude is 90% of it.  Challenges are opportunities to grow and become stronger in your self-awareness.  I’ve faced hardships in my life and have fallen down on too many occasions to count however it was the getting up part that proved to be where the life lessons were. 

Wishing you success no matter where you’re at in your life!

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought My First, Second and Third Sofa

the Brands at Rabbit Creek

​You know that saying, “if I knew now what I thought I knew then?” it definitely applies to my furniture buying habits before I became educated after being in the business for more than a decade.  My very first sofa, which I referred to as a couch (!), was a beautiful mauve, blue and cream (it was the 80’s!) beauty.  I bought it at our local furniture store called Treasures for Your Home and was thrilled that they would deliver it at no charge to my apartment. It was the showcase piece of the room and having spent about $500, I felt like I had just bought the most important piece of furniture in my life.  Fast forward 4 months later and my beautiful sofa was now sagging in the middle and the cushions were flat as pancakes.  I was so upset!  How could my dream purchase look so sad and tired already?!   

Baker Furniture from The Brands at Rabbit Creek

A year or so passed, I saved up more money and went back to Treasures for Your Home and upgraded to a better brand.  Too much time has passed to remember what the brand was, but it was hardwood construction and had a spring down cushion in it rather than poor quality, low compression foam. I also upgraded my terminology to say “sofa” rather than “couch.”  I felt like such a grown up! 

Time marched on and with age came some level of wisdom and I started learning about the difference between price and value.  As it turns out, that concept applied to so many areas of my life!  When I think about price and value now, I instinctively know what to look for and understand that they are not one in the same.  When I see beautiful magazine ads or catalogs sent in the mail by nationally known retailers I know that although they are selling product for an identical price to a well-constructed brand, the quality is so poor that saying it is “so poor” doesn’t even justify how bad it is.  With all of the knowledge I had amassed, I bit the bullet and bought a sofa that was constructed of a maple frame, 8-way hand tied seat deck, spring down seat cushions, plush down back cushions and the most fabulous down pillows I had ever experienced.  Someone once said to me, buy the best one time and you will only cry once; buy the subpar brand and cry each time you must replace it!  Well said! 


Hickory Chair Dylan Sofa Fulham Coffee Table Upholster Reed Chest Knox Swivel Lounge Chair

Here are the 5 things I wish I knew before I bought my sofa:

  1. Price and Value are not the same thing
  2. Relationships matter! Buy from a reputable company who can help you make the best selection for your budget
  3. Construction matters!
  4. Timeless styles will last a lifetime (which is why they are called timeless)
  5. Buy with thoughts of your future lifestyle in mind. Remember that lava lamp and pole light you had in your bedroom? ‘Nuff said. 

Give our showroom a call or email us to schedule and appointment, info@rabbitcreekmn.com

Working From Home in Comfort

In light of all the changes to the way we do business, I’ve decided to start a blog. This gives me a personal way to work out some of my thoughts about how we have been impacted, but also allows me to share stories with you from other designers who are coming up with unique and effective solutions in a changing world.

Please check back regularly, and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well. Let’s work together to get through this!

As I sit at my desk for what seems like an endless number of hours each day, I’m keenly aware of how much my back (and backside) is killing me when I stand up.  Although my adorable bunny chair is fun to look at, it is lacking in the comfortable-to-sit-in department.  Of course, this got me thinking about how many other people were experiencing the same problem.  I suspect many!  This of course is a great opportunity to educate you on WHY exactly your back (and backside) is killing you when you stand up and how the pain can be alleviated by knowing how and what to look for when selecting a desk chair.

First, as a girl who appreciates style above everything else, its imperative to find a style that suits you.  Are you a classic desk chair type of person that prefers the Herman Miller brand or someone that appreciates the more handcrafted style of Hancock & Moore? Fun fact: did you know that Hancock & Moore executive desk chairs have sat behind the presidents’ desk in the Oval Office for the last four administrations? A Made-In-America product for the leader of the USA.  Pretty cool!

Second, the reason your back (and backside) hurts is because you aren’t supported properly when seated in your desk chair. This is because the seat itself is most likely constructed of cardboard and Styrofoam or like mine, wood.  The Hancock & Moore executive desk chair in leather features a QUALUX SEAT CUSHION.  The Qualux seat utilizes a high-density urethane foam wrapped in a premium polyester fiber that creates a supportive yet comfortable sit. The core unit is encased in a sewn jacket which accents the superior tailoring and sit of the cushion.  Not only are you fully supported when seated in the chair, you’ll notice the difference upon standing after toiling away the hours at your desk.  Additionally, Hancock & Moore excellent craftsmanship is superior to none and made right here in the good ole’ U.S. of A.  As my Dad used to say, “how bout them apples!”

Lastly, quality construction is about more than just the seat itself but also about the angle and pitch as well.  Who knew there was so much to consider?!  Most desk chairs will have a swivel and tilt option making it even easier to accommodate your movements throughout the day.  You know that feeling you get when you sit on a piece of furniture and it feels like you’re floating on a cloud?  That’s the feeling you should get when you sit in your desk chair too.

Whatever your style preference is, Rabbit Creek is your premier resource for executive desk chairs.  We have lots of options for you to sit in and test out at our 15,000 square foot showroom located in the Creative Corridor district at International Market Square in downtown Minneapolis.

Give our showroom a call or email us to schedule and appointment, info@rabbitcreekmn.com


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