Baker Furniture at Rabbit Creek

Baker Furniture speaks the language of style. As tastemakers and innovators, Baker is not satisfied to be of the moment–rather, they define the moment.

In the beginning, Siebe Baker worked with his hands to create sturdy, durable furniture. Siebe’s success allowed his son, Hollis Baker, to study, travel and develop the eye of a collector. Today these two elements, the hand and the eye, remain the cornerstones of Baker work.

The Baker process of creating beautiful, enduring furniture and accessories focuses on four main components: design, materials, craftsmanship and finish. For our customers, they combine to create a sense of integrity and the promise of things chosen well rather than often.

Click on any image to open a slideshow of home furnishing samples that exemplify the Baker name.

To schedule a visit or learn more about this brand, call our Rabbit Creek showroom staff at 612-354-7102 or send us an email.

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