McGuire Furniture at Rabbit Creek

McGuire will always preserve the best of its heritage; creating timeless design and product that make a long-lasting contribution to a home’s most loved rooms.  They proudly carry forward a design sensibility that has been more than seven decades in the making.

John and Elinor McGuire had an innate sense of everything that defines a California lifestyle, indoors and out. In everything McGuire does they capture the essence of casual luxury; unpretentious, optimistic, relaxed, warm and engaging.

Click on any image to open a slideshow of home furnishing samples that exemplify the McGuire name.

For more information about McGuire home furnishings, call Kevin Walter at 612-341-2906 or send him an email.

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The Brands at Rabbit Creek
Distinctive Showroom at International Market Square
275 Market Street, Suite #335
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Hours: 9-5, Mon-Fri
Ph: 612-354-7102

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