“Not only is the showroom team friendly and knowledgeable, they are incredibly helpful with product recommendations and design dilemmas.

They are a fabulous resource we can trust time and time again for our work and our clients. We are so thankful to Susan and her team for all they do!”

Danielle Loven

Vivid Interior Design

The Rabbit Creek showrooms maintain an incredible level of enthusiasm and knowledge of their product that sets them apart from other showrooms.”

Suzanne Kasler

The team at Rabbit Creek is unbelievable to work with!  When we request information we can count on answers back in record time, quotes are impeccable, clear and concise and most important accurate!

In the rare occasion that product is received damaged the Rabbit Creek team is on it with no dispute.  Our projects are complete on time and on budget because of the remarkable service we receive from the Rabbit Creek team!”

Talla Skogmo

American Society of Interior Design

“Susan is one of the best reps to work with – her service is impeccable and she is fun to work with to boot! Highly recommended!

Tucker Thomas

Tucker Thomas Interior Design

“I have worked with Rabbit Creek numerous times and they are always timely with quotes, allows me to check out lighting to ensure it works in my clients projects and is professional and punctual in email correspondence.”

I have never received anything less that extraordinary customer service. The showroom always treats myself and my clients with the utmost respect. I have been working with this showroom for over a year now and I will continue to do so. My clients couldn’t be happier with the selections. Thank you Mark, Susan, and Matt!”

The customer service here is above and beyond. If I see something that looks like it will work, they are sure to show me the other similar options so I know that I am making an accurate decision.”

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At The Brands at Rabbit Creek, we value our customer service. If you’ve had a memorable experience, then we want to hear about it.

If your experience was not a positive one, then we want to know how we can do better. As Alice Roosevelt Longworth once said, “If you can’t say something nice, come sit by me!”

The Brands at Rabbit Creek
Distinctive Showroom at International Market Square
275 Market Street, Suite #335
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Hours: 9-5, Mon-Fri
Ph: 612-354-7102

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